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bitcoin investment

2017-11-20 18:40:46

Passive Bitcoin Income - Automatic System [STOCK MARKET]


One of the ways I'm currently making some easy money is by trading/copying traders on 1Broker which is a trading platform with social trading, where you're able to copy successful traders' every trade with Bitcoin, even if you're a total noob and not an experienced trader at all. So when they profit from a trade themselves, you also profit, since you made the exact same trade copying them. Easy.

1. Register an account here
2. Deposit Bitcoin
3. Go to the Social tab to find traders you want to copy.
4. Choose who you want to copy.
5. Allocate 3-5% of your total BTC amount to each Trade and 25 trades per day and click save.
6. Sit back and wait for the traders to open and close trades as they please, bringing you a nice profit.
7. Withdraw your earnings if you want to.

Minimum Deposit : No Minimum, but 0.001(Php300) minimum per open trade required.

Minimum Withdrawal : 0.002(Php600)

Price: 100

Phone: 09988540756