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For Sale : Business Opportunities
Car Alarm GPS Tracker
15:22:04, 04-21-2019

GPS Car Alarm Tracker for Cars

- High Accuracy

- Speed Monitoring

- controlled by SMS

- With remote Engine Cut-off

- External Mic for remote voice monitoring

- Can work at the same time with Existing Alarms

Engine Cut-off / Backup Battery / Mic Voice Monitoring

Price: ...
Phone: 0917-553-6089 / 0922-887-6800 Autobarts Autoshop
Store Certified (20k)

For Sale : Computers
Laptop Parts
15:29:49, 04-18-2019

15.6 inch slim 30 pins (from ASUS laptop)- 2k
13.3 FAT 40 pins (from toshiba laptop)- 1500

DDR3L (Compatible for intel 3rd gen to 6th generation laptops)
8gb hynix 12800s ddr3L-1900

1 pc 4gb kingston pc4 2400-1200
1 pc 4gb micron pc4 2666-1200

Hard disk
Slim type
1 pc 1tb sealed (brand new) western digital-2200
1 pc 1tb seagate- 2k
1 pc 500gb toshiba-1200

free installation
Price: fixed prices
Phone: 09074346955
For Sale
22:22:04, 03-21-2019
Price: .
Phone: .
For Sale : Computers
i5 2nd gen with monitor
15:29:40, 04-18-2019
i5 2500k
gigabyte h61 motherboard
8 gb single stick ddr3 1333
320gb hdd estern digital
sapphire r7 260x 2gb/128 bit
powerful 600 korean psu
generic case
18.5 samsung LED
APEX installed
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 12k-fixed
Phone: 09074346955
For Sale : Computers
Acer laptop
10:06:05, 04-17-2019
intel celeron n2940
legit windows 10 home
4 gb ddr3L (upgraded from 2gb)
120gb kingston hyper x ssd (upgraded for better performance)
14 inch
with dvd rom
color black
good for office and home use
issue: no battery
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 7k-slightly negotiable
Phone: 09074346955
For Sale : Computers
i7 3rdgen system unit with monitor
17:46:16, 04-07-2019
i7 3770
asus board
16gb ddr3 ram
500 watts gigabyte power supply 80 plus white
sapphire r7 260x 2gb/128 bit
500gb hdd
rakk marug with 2 coolermaster fans
with samsung 18.5 monitor (medyo dark display)
actual pics
Price: 18k-fixed
Phone: 09074346955
For Sale : Computers
Dell i3
10:05:46, 04-05-2019
Dell Latitude 2017 model
i3 6100u
intel HD graphics 520
8gb ddr3L
500 gb hdd (100 percent health)
very good battery (extended version) 6hours up
with power adapter
95% smooth

can pass most homebased job requirements
Price: 15k-SOLD
Phone: 09074346955
For Sale : Computers
Thermal Grease
18:49:05, 04-01-2019
MX-2 4grams CPU Thermal Cooling Paste
5 pcs available
350 pesos each

MX-4 2grams CPU Thermal Cooling Paste
1 pc available
deep cool z3
sold out

cooler master mastergel pro
1 pc available

Pickup Location:
Along Kayang Street
Text first to schedule pickup
Price: fixed prices
Phone: 09074346955 / 09178742961
For Sale : Computers
Laptop HDD with enclosure usb 3.0
08:42:20, 03-26-2019
2tb seagate-3500
1tb western digital blue (brandnew)-2500

with pc games installer
just cause 4
soul calibur VI
assassin's creed odyssey
Shadow of the tomb raider
Resident Evil 2
Tekken 7
Final Fantasy XV
Witcher 3
Price: fixed prices
Phone: 09074346955

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