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For Sale : Business Opportunities
Car Alarm GPS Tracker
13:34:04, 02-17-2019

GPS Car Alarm Tracker for Cars

- High Accuracy

- Speed Monitoring

- controlled by SMS

- With remote Engine Cut-off

- External Mic for remote voice monitoring

- Can work at the same time with Existing Alarms

Engine Cut-off / Backup Battery / Mic Voice Monitoring

Price: ...
Phone: 0917-553-6089 / 0922-887-6800 Autobarts Autoshop
Store Certified (20k)

For Sale : Business Opportunities
13:04:04, 02-17-2019
Price: .
Phone: .
For Sale
Baguio Car Seat Cover
20:34:04, 01-17-2019

Good Quality Car Seat Covers

Click here for link

Price: .
Phone: 0917-897-7798 globe / 0922-897-7798 sun/smart
Store Certified (20k)

For Sale : Gaming
PS Vita 64GB 3.67 Hencore jailbreak
22:51:16, 02-16-2019
- Games Updated w/ mostly updated Dlcs
(Costumes,maps,dungeon etc.)

-PKGj App installed for easy download Games,updates,Themes and Additional contents through Wifi.
no need to buy Expensive game cartridges.

Excellent battery
98% Smooth

Unit contents:

SD2Vita w/ 64gb mmc
Crystal Case
Original AC Adapter & Power Cord
sony mmc
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 7500
Phone: 09298004692
For Sale : Cellphones > CP Accessories
Bundled Cases for lg g3,iphone 4/s,iphone
22:44:52, 02-16-2019
Bundled Cases for lg g3,iPhone 4/s,iPhone

-pink jewel case for iphone4/s from Indonesia opened for checking never used.

-lg g3 black incipio*new

-iPhone plastic case and rubber cassette design.

see the pic.
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 200.00
Phone: 09298004692
For Sale : Gaming
Dynasty Warriors Next for PsVita
22:44:47, 02-16-2019
if you never play hack and slash adventure this is your chance to enjoy this title

-Play while learning the history of warring states of china
-65 Customisable characters
-Experience 1player vs 1000 enemies with Good Graphics


*i have also J-stars victory+
*discount price po if you get the 2 games
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 700
Phone: 09298004692
For Sale : Gaming
J-stars Victory PLUS for PsVita
22:44:41, 02-16-2019
Rare Physical Game

featuring over 50 characters from 32 different Manga/Anime series.

indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events from your Anime Childhood characters
like NARUTO, DRAGON BALL Z, ONE PIECE, Ghost fighter, HunterXHunter, Samurai X and other Characters.

Enjoy a grand adventure as your favorite heroes and fight in local and online 2-on-2 versus battles or test your skills in Arcade Mode.

Strategically use combination attacks and unleash ultimate attacks using the Voltage Gauge system to best your opponent. It's the ultimate dream for every anime fan!

**i have also Dynasty Warrior NEXT
*discount price po if you get the 2 games
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 1000
Phone: 09298004692

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