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For Sale : Business Opportunities
ZKSoft iFace 502 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance
00:19:29, 12-16-2018

ZKSoft iFace Multi-Biometric Time Attendance


(Programmed by us for the Philippine Setting)

Time-in / Time-out using:


* Fingerprint

* 2,000mah backup Battery

* USB Logs Download

* LAN / Network Logs Download

- Much better than face only, great for service oriented areas where employees usually have faded or unrecognizable fingerprints..

- avoid the dreaded "please try again" error with your employees

- device pays for itself!

- prevent unwanted friends clocking in for friends

- save time computing time :)

Our Very Own Time Attendance Software

- No need for Microsoft Excel for Computing Time

- Multiple Ways to compute for your employees time


- Sold seperately for P 8,000.00

Price: 26,000
Phone: 0917-897-7798 (globe)               0922-897-7798 (sun and smart)
Store Certified (20k)

For Sale : Business Opportunities
Ad space
23:49:29, 12-15-2018
Rotating ad space for rent/ fixed on third slot/ contact 0917-897-7798
Price: Ad Space
Phone: 0917-897-7798
For Sale
emergency cash / emergency loan
07:19:29, 11-16-2018

Gadget Buyback

Sell us your gadget for cash and have the option to buy it back after a month!

Please text us your gadget's model and full specifications and we'll text you the appraised value.

less than 5,000 - 100 - 250/month
greater than 5,000 - 5%/month

Price: depends
Phone: 0917-897-7798 (globe)               0922-897-7798 (sun and smart)
For Sale : Cellphones
Samsung Note 8 Clone
04:38:09, 12-07-2018
Just try
For sale only.
Selling Samsung Note 8 Clone, Best Copy
Prang Curve screen na rin sya kita sa pic
Specs: nsa picture po sya

Honest Issues: (not because of abuse, nkatambak lng, not using gnun na nagyari)
-mabilis malowbat
-port can still be used for charging, but cant be detected by computer already,
-mahirap idrag down notif bar, so installed a software para magpakita notif bar nya when pressed
-64gb nkasulat sa pc specs nya but real memory is 16 or 8gb lng, (navictim rin ako nkasulat kci 64gb)

includes, cellphone and USB cord only, discarded charging socket kci class A lng sya

For more info see pictures.

RFS: tried clone only, so sinulet and bought best copy, nkatambak nlang after. bawas kalat
Click to enlarge image.L
Price: 2000
Phone: 09985685280

AD Spaces for Rent, Call/Text 0917-897-7798