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TOPIC: Site Rules and Regulations
beceaudioking (User)
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Re:Site Rules and Regulations 5 Years, 7 Months ago  
nilydnew wrote:
hi sir kung pagkain po ibebenta anung category? hehe thanks po.

Post your ad po under "Health" category
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catalink (User)
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Re:Site Rules and Regulations 5 Years, 1 Month ago  
Sir d po ako makapagpost nang Employment Bakit po???

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bon (Admin)
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Re:Site Rules and Regulations 5 Years, 1 Month ago  
pls try to restart your browser then try again. use also google chrome.
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Xandreigh (Moderator)
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Site Rules and Regulations 5 Years ago  
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Xandreigh (Moderator)
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Re:Site Rules and Regulations 4 Years, 7 Months ago  
bon wrote:
Please post your item only ONCE. Avoid posting it multiple times in different categories. Items posted at the same time in multiple categories will be DELETED!

keep your posts as compact as possible. Don't post the whole text of the specifications of the item you are selling.
enjoy! Here are some rules that come to mind, please feel free to add rules and regulations u feel that is needed.


Site wide Rules:
1) Please respect the seller's post. If you have any opinions regarding the item the seller is selling (eg. TOO EXPENSIVE, Bulok, etc..) and want to inform the seller about it as a help to him, please do so by saying it in a nice, non offensive manner. It's always better to send a private message to the seller than announcing it out in public. Each seller has the right to price his / her item. It is the buyer's responsibility to negotiate for a better price or not to buy if its unreasonable.

2) For the sellers, please try posting as much details as you can to avoid additional questions regarding the item. An actual picture would be very helpful.

3) There are also some newbies (or people who are generally new to this Internet Buy and Sell Concept) that they ask a lot of questions since they are still not comfortable transacting online. Cut them some slack and answer their questions courteously.

4) For the buyers, please read carefully the underlying description given to each item. Try as much as to avoid asking questions with answers already posted or that could be easily searched through the internet. CHECK items carefully always!

5) Scammers not allowed. International sellers are not welcome.

6) Build a good reputation. Try to be courteous and friendly in every deal you make. Your customers and suppliers would greatly appreciate that.

7) You are responsible and liable for what you post.

8) You will respect other people's right to personal privacy and will not post any other person's identifying information, but your own.

9) You will not use the site to convey, promote, disseminate, whether directly or indirectly, profanity, vulgarity, libelous content, defamatory content, inaccurate content, obscenity, hostile remarks, or any form of 'hate speech', bigotry, discrimination, and the likes.

10) You will not use the site to violate any law, nor discuss or promote illegal activities.

11) The shoutbox is not a place for ads.

12) Do not Flood in the shoutbox.

13) Sending unsolicited ads or SPAM to multiple accounts via pm or through text messages is not allowed. this will result in an immediate BAN once it has been reported.

14) Please format your ad with respect to the viewers of this site. DO NOT use unnecessary spaces just to make your ad look bigger.

Item Posting Rules:

1) Do not double post or post the same item in multiple categories at the same time. Post it once in its most appropriate category. If you want to repost it again, give it a day or so before reposting it.

Ang bawal un same item, tapos ipopost mo ng 2 or 3 times na magkasunod sunod.. Pagiging buwakaw na un.. Isa lng tama na.. Kng sakali naman kinabukasan gusto mo uli i-post, puwede na uli. Atleast ONE day bago ipost un same item..

Okay lng kng magkakaibang item na sunod sunod pagpost, like may benta ka na stereo, tv, washing machine.. pero un ipopost mo un washing machine ng dalawng beses na magkasunod, un ang bawal.

2) When posting a web address please use to make the looooooong link shorter. ex: to this is to prevent side scrolling. for visual explanation:

3) Posting of illegal items and adult items are not allowed. Keep this site clean and safe for minors.

4) No selling of pirated materials. This includes offering Windows / Mac / Free Games installation services.


6) No posting of get rich quick schemes, pyramid schemes, pay to click or the like.

7) Please do not use ----------- or *************** or any continuous characters in your ad. Web Browsers are unable to break them into smaller bits and would result in an uneven layout of the site.

8) for sellers, if your item is already sold, kindly have time to edit/delete your already sold items, so as to avoid confusion.

9) As much as possible, be honest in your description. Include all defects or scratches that is not shown so that the effort when you meet is not wasted when the deal doesnt push through.

10) Please post actual pictures as much as possible. RESIZE it to 640x480 FIRST. Do not upload images straight out of your 8mp or 10mp or 12mp digicam. Set it to SMALL or 640x480 before taking pics to be uploaded. Recommended size is 400kb. That's 0.40mb only.

11) Real Guns and Firearms are not allowed on this site.

12) On reposting of ADS of items which are unsold, please give it a day before reposting it again. Do not repost it again just after a few hours.

13) Pay to click or any similar sites are not allowed. This includes online jobs with referral incentives for visiting or any other similar international site... Automatic ban applies.

14) Always include a price if your selling an ITEM. BEST OFFER is not allowed. if you want to have a best offer, indicate ur base price and include best offer. ex. 1,000 or best offer

Forum Posting Rules

1) No selling in the forums.

2) Use English / Filipino as much as possible. Try to avoid posting in other dialects so others will understand. And it will automatically deleted.

3) Please resize your images to 640 x 480 before embedding the pictures. use to easily upload and resize pictures, not complying will be automatically deleted.

4) Please avoid Out-topic subject, go with the flow.

5) Avoid making same topic under different forum/thread. Post it in proper forum/thread, non compliance will be automatically deleted.

Buying and Selling Guidelines

1)Inform the Buyer/Seller if the deal is off before the meet up date.

2)Please don't forget to leave feedack on the seller/buyer to increase/decrease its credibility.

Feedback Guidelines:

1. A feedback is considered a valid feedback if a transaction has been done within mbb.

2. A feedback should best describe what happens in a deal. It must be factual and not derogatory.

3. Feedback resolution will be done via the forums of MyBaguio.Biz. To start the feedback resolution process, send a pm to:

A forum on that would be started and both of you would be given a chance to air your side of the story. Moderators will moderate the discussion and would help to fix your problems. Feedbacks will be removed at the discretion of the moderator.

4. Spam in your feedbacks will automatically be deleted upon request. just send a pm to:

Let's help abide by this terms as a buyer and use these terms as a seller.. This is to avoid ill feelings especially to those who are low ballers.. Feel free to add or comment before it is made final...

Firm / Fixed
- This is used when the seller is selling his item at a fixed price. NON-NEGOTIABLE. So please, if you see this, make sure to buy it at the posted price. Don't Haggle anymore..

Neg / Negotiable - negotiate all you want.. avoid giving an UNREASONABLY LOW OFFER.. always consider the seller, how would you feel pag nagkataon ikaw un binabarat?.. wag makulit..

(indicate price) and Best Offer - just text your offer to the seller, it could be higher or lower offer. He will decide whether to give it to you or not...

Note: the Administration of reserves the right to delete / edit / modify any content of this site and its Administrators / moderators / owners will not be held responsible or liable with any mis-dealings or problems you have with your buyer or seller. As such, care is always advise in all your deals as this is a trading site open to all.

If you violated any one of the rules above and got blocked:

Check to see if ur BLOCKED / reason / Removal Instructions:


Dumadami na ang PASAWAY!

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